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Your Strategy Call is the beginning of your credit repair journey. We will discuss your current credit issues and build a plan to achieve your credit goals.



Your Strategy Call will include a full credit report audit. Our consultant will go through every item reporting to determine inaccuracies and questionable items that should be challenged with the credit bureaus. Once the audit is complete, the consultant will prepare a game plan to identify what’s hurting your score and our actions to help you reach your credit goals.



Our program is designed to assist you with the credit and financial education required to increase your credit score and how to maintain it in the future. Our enrollment fee is $239, which includes your Strategy Call. Our monthly fee is $109.



Our credit restoration program will process unlimited disputes on your behalf challenging discrepancies that are reporting. We will communicate with the collection agencies, collectors, and credit reporting agencies. We will work on your behalf to ensure the items on your report are being reported accurately with the accordance of the law.

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